About Harry and SMB Nation

Our Clients & Community Building Efforts

Since the 1997 release of Microsoft’s Small Business Server, SMB Nation tribal members have been using Small Business Server and other SMB solutions to help build a better world. We are extremely proud of our leadership position in building a PROFITABLE global community!

1998: SMB Nation founder Harry Brelsford receives the Service Provider Of The Year award from the National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society in recognition of Harry’s efforts to successfully deploy and extend SBS 4.0. SBS dramatically improved the lives of on-site and shut-in staff and increased the ability of the MS Society to serve afflicted stakeholders. For details, visit NMSS.

1999: Harry Brelsford implements SBS 4.0/4.5 at the Delta Society, a not-for-profit foundation that provides therapy animals to terminally ill and hospice patients to ease pain, assist recovery, and improve physical and emotional health. For details, visit the Delta Society.

2000: Harry relocates SMB Nation to rural Bainbridge Island, Washington in order to foster its growth in a more environmentally friendly, Earth-steward responsible, and conservation-oriented community of like-minded professionals.

2001: Harry serves Peace Corps as the lead SBS consultant in its 76-country global implementation of SBS. This was the genesis of SMB Nation’s international outreach efforts as Harry observed first hand how SBS truly was improving the lives of the poorest 5.7 billion people on Planet Earth! For details, visit The Peace Corps site.

2002-2004: Harry delivers day-long SBS hands-on training labs to adult learners in over 50 primary and secondary USA cities, enabling thousands of small- and medium-sized business owners to “grow” their businesses profitably, bringing money and jobs to communities all over the country.  

What? Even More Community!

2003: Harry conducts over 25 FREE Wednesday night seminars across the USA to train adult learners and SBS consultants on SBS tips and tricks. This very popular pro-bono outreach effort provided lasting benefits to hundreds of small- and medium-sized business owners across the country.

2003: GeekCorps, the Massachusetts-based “technology Peace Corps” that implements technology in emerging nations, is featured, endorsed and profiled at the first SMB Nation Annual Conference and awarded significant donations of HP servers, workstations and SBS software for deployment in Africa! Visit The GeekCorps.

2004: SMB Nation sets out on its first trip to India to train eager and earnest SMB consultants about SBS deployments in order to improve the lives of poverty-stricken Indians. Training delivered for free.

2004: SMB Nation visits poor Latin American countries where the one-day SBS workshop is delivered for free or on a reduced fee basis.

2004-2005: Harry is twice awarded Microsoft’s prized Most Valuable Professional (MVP) designation for the SBS product in recognition of his community building and outreach efforts. Visit this Microsoft site.

2005: SMB Nation donates foreign currency acquired from overseas transactions and sales to a “build the school” effort in a poverty-stricken region of the Dominican Republic (DR). Harry’s commitment to the DR was a result of his 2004 workshop visits to that country where he observed its financial struggles first hand. The village school supported by SMB Nation is shown below.

2005: SMB Nation’s second trip to India continues our global community-building parade to help improve the lives of millions, perhaps billions, of Indians! This is now an annual pilgrimage. Training is delivered for free.

2005: At the Annual SMB Nation Conference 2005, we will feature, recognize, and highlight a major not-for-profit organization that deserves pro-bono consulting consideration from the attendees.

2005: Fall travel plans call for visits to Asia to train eager and earnest SMB consultants on the SBS solution to help improve their economically emerging communities. And SMB Nation will enter Muslim countries for the first time to use SBS as a tool of peace and to bridge cultural, ideological, and religious canyons. First stop: Jakarta!

2006 and beyond: SMB Nation founder Harry Brelsford intends to focus the majority of his time on international outreach efforts where he can accomplish the greatest good for the greatest numbers! Harry intends to continue delivering over 60 speeches a year in 25+ countries in his personal mission to build a profitable global community.  

2 responses to “About Harry and SMB Nation

  1. HI Harry,

    The conference has been hugely informative for me, my first time here.

    How do I get copies of ALL the slide decks from the SMB nation conference? There are some with information I need.

    Thanks a bunch,
    Bill Perry

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