Washington Husky Football, IBM Lotus Foundation Start and newz…

This past weekend myself, family and out-of-town guests had the honor of attending the 102nd Apple Cup between University of Washington (Go Huskies!) and Washington State University. On the water taxi to the game, one of the attendees and I spoke. He had recently retired from a career at IBM in it’s Global Services area. I spoke about my friendship with the IBM’s open source Lotus Foundations group. We both remarked how IBM stands as an example of a large Fortune One technology company reinventing itself to become relevent and exciting again.

So when today’s news crossed the wire that the Lotus Foundation Start solution is now protected by Engate’s proactive botnet, phish, virus and e-mail security solutions, I stopped what I was doing and read the press release with great interest. You may recall that many of the attendees at the SMB Nation Fall 2009 conference in Las Vegas truly enjoyed the engaging conversations with the Lotus Foundations representatives. For many, it was the first time to not only see an open-source SMB server solution BUT to take this solution under serious advisement and consideration.

For your reading benefit, I have reported the entire press release so you can learn more about the Engate and Lotus Foundations security partnership.

(PS – I will have a technical review of the Lotus Foundations Start product very soon!)

Engate and IBM Deliver Proactive Botnet, Phish, Virus and Email Security for IBM Lotus Foundations Start

Best-in-Class IP Reputation Solution Empowers Small and Medium Size Businesses with Ease of Management, Improved Productivity and Reduced Costs

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Engate Technology Corporation, leaders in next generation reputation network profiling technology and proactive botnet, phish, virus and email security solutions, today announced integration of Engate’s security software suite with IBM® Lotus® Foundations Start line of software appliances for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

Lotus Foundations Start ‘plug and play’ appliances help companies with little or no in-house technical resources to focus on running their business rather than managing their computer systems. This Linux-based IBM solution provides staple collaboration tools such as email, file sharing, and remote access and affords peace of mind through automated network security features, data protection, backup and recovery. With Engate, Lotus Foundations Start will offer an industry-leading security suite that proactively protects SMBs from a diversity of email-borne threats.

“Email remains one of the most widely-used attack vectors against small and medium size business users, making email security essential to IBM Lotus Foundations Start,” said Caleb Barlow, Integration Executive for Lotus Foundations, IBM Corporation. “Together with Engate, IBM Lotus Foundations Start offers SMB customers an easy-to-use, best-in-class security solution that protects from the growing number of email-borne botnet, phish, spam and virus threats.”

“Engate provides organizations with proactive protection against the growing threat of phish, spam and botnet attacks,” said Wil Cochran, CEO, Engate. “Working together, we are combining our connection-level protection with Lotus Foundations Start to deliver a solution that helps SMBs mitigate resource-intensive email security administration by stopping malicious threats outside their network before they compromise their privacy, productivity and resources.”

“Botnet-based email attacks are the most prominent malicious security threat to my business customers today. My clients were dissatisfied with their conventional security products as they struggled to keep up with the high volume of sophisticated attacks that were secretly bypassing their filters, spreading new infections and stealing sensitive data,” said John Gray, Partner, Bentor Technologies. “I’m excited to be working with Engate and IBM Lotus Foundations Start as their integrated functionality offers my business customers the innovation, flexibility and reliability necessary in stopping these dangerous attacks at the edge of the network before they have a chance to damage resources and disrupt business productivity.”

Award-winning IP Reputation Solution Empowers SMBs to Focus on Growth

Botnets are one of the most dangerous online security threats today, where an estimated 40% of the 800 million computers on the Internet unsuspectingly distribute spam, steal private data, launch dangerous attacks, and spread new infections. In particular, SMBs face unique security and IT resource challenges that leave them vulnerable to email-borne attacks and botnet threats that can disrupt business productivity.

As email-borne threats continue to double annually, Engate’s advanced botnet, phish, virus and email security protects companies with a powerful solution that proactively protects networks from illicit hosts that are distributing threats. Engate’s innovative security suite employs patented reputation network profiling, source verification, and anti-forgery techniques to identify and block email-borne botnet attacks at the connection level, before they have a chance to compromise IT resources, invade privacy, degrade network performance, and waste user productivity.

Next Generation Reputation Network Profiling Technology for OEM Partners

With more than seven years of operational experience collecting and analyzing data on global networks, Engate’s reputation network profiling technology empowers strategic OEM partners to take advantage of the reputation of over 400 million ‘good and bad’ IP’s in Engate’s 17,000 rules database – known as GlobalRules™. By profiling entire networks beyond infected hosts, Engate has built a repository of intelligence on potential and unknown hosts that may become infected. This unique intelligence on unknown threats is a critical component to enhancing an OEM partner’s security portfolio today – as well as in the future – particularly as unknown threats continue to rise due to the growth of botnets. Engate delivers incremental value to security software, appliance, secure web gateway, unified threat management, intrusion prevention, firewall, and router partners in the following ways:

(1) Enhance 3rd party threat scoring systems with an extra layer of threat intelligence proven to achieve an additional 10-15% unique catches on top of existing content scanning, Real-time Blacklists (RBL) and reputation technologies.

(2) Improve connection-level security and the efficiency of 3rd party email security filters by radically reducing the large volume of unwanted traffic and malicious payloads from reaching the gateway.

(3) Augment multi-layer security strategy with proactive protection from known and unknown threats. Engate’s unique network profiling functionality gives OEM partners preemptive defense against botnet-based attacks, phish, spam, viruses and blended web/email threats.


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