Here comes India – LPI is rockin’ the house

Each and every day is different in my world, as I sure it is with you. I often can’t wait to open my Inbox in the morning to see what has arrived overnight; what new news awaits the world? Today was one of those days when I received a press release that had already been issued in India (GMT +5.5) hours prior. I am in Seattle at GMT -8 so you Indian citizens had already know for over half-a-day that Level Platforms (LPI) had entered India to provide it remote monitor and management software tools and services.

[BTW – as an aside – you can view my interview with LPI executive Dan Wemsley talk about “TOP GUN!” here]

So here is the real story. LPI Level Platforms Inc., the global leader in remote monitoring
and management software to support managed services, today announced the full availability of its
award winning managed services platform to solution providers based in India.
Solution providers based in India will now benefit from enhanced pricing, training, technical and incountry
business support through its advanced MSP program, available as both an On Premise and
Software‐as‐a‐Service (SaaS) option. The thousands of solution providers, VARs and IT consultants that
service the IT infrastructure of small and mid sized businesses (SMBs) in India will now have the benefit
of Level Platforms award winning agentless software, training and local sales, partner development and
support to accelerate their profitable transition to managed services.
Level Platforms program enhancements for the region include deployment of the technology as a SaaS
model with local technical support, region‐specific pricing in Rupees and the introduction of local
Partner Development Managers based in India, delivering content specific to the region.
“Based on early successes in our trial phase we learned that solutions providers in India and their end
customers have their own unique requirements,” said Greg Henderson, Director International
Operations with Level Platforms. “Offering both On Premise and SaaS options, combined with sales and
support specific to India delivered by local resources, is the key to success in a market as large and
unique as India”
Managed Workplace 2009 provides powerful features that help automate and streamline how a solution
provider cares for a remote network, including:
– The industry’s widest range of technology support with best‐practices monitoring and management
for over 90 vendor technologies, including industry leading support for the full range of Microsoft,
Cisco and Intel technologies.
– Agent‐less architecture, with a single installation per customer site including both software and
appliance deployments.
– Support for the entire customer’s network, including monitoring of virtual environments and cloudbased
– Extensive API support, with strong two‐way integration into regional leaders in the PSA space.
– On Premise or Hosted models, to optimize cost of start‐up, ease of deployment and control.
Managed services has been sweeping the global solution provider community. AMI published a recent
report confirming 28% compound growth rate in North America. In a report earlier this year, TechIsle
had forecasted that the fastest global adoption rate is to be in Asian markets focusing on India. By
adopting remote monitoring and management technology, solution providers can achieve significantly
reduced service costs, improve customer response, increase product sales and high margin, long term
recurring revenues. Level Platforms has led that transition, growing from its first sale in 2004 to become
the global leader with well over 3000 solution provider Partners in 30 countries today. Level Platforms
has been ranked by Deloitte and Touche as the third fastest growth technology company in Canada.
“Many IT vendors simply attempt to sell directly into the region without consideration of the unique
requirements that deliver success.” states Prakash Chaudhari, Level Platforms’ new Director for the
region, based in Mumbai. “This may result in limited short term sales, but the true path to success is
delivering solutions in an easy to consume, easy to purchase manner, supported by local resources that
know the market and these local solution providers, which is what Level Platforms has now delivered. I
look forward to representing Level Platforms and making partners in India truly successful.”


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