Seattle Mayor Boots Microsoft for Macintosh – Sign my RECALL PETITION!

Minutes before my Monday night yoga class started on Bainbridge Island (across from Seattle itself), my iPhone rang. It was a colleague shockingly informing me that Seattle Mayor-elect was part of a radio story playing on the air. The topic? Mayor McGinn’s is pulling the PCs out of City Hall and converting over to Macintosh. The significance? This isn’t some liberal town anywhere. This is uber-liberal Seattle and home to, you guessed it, Microsoft. The mayor’s first act – before he has assumed office – is just wrong!

And don’t get me wrong. I am the first to poke at Redmond when it’s warranted. But Seattle is a company town. We fly on Boeing jets, drink Starbucks coffee, read Amazon books and run Windows 7!

You can learn more about the Mayor’s decision from this other news outlets.

Seattle PI


And here is where the weird get strange. The City of Seattle will also replace BlackBerry devices with iPhones. I love my iPhone *but* the BlackBerry is a fantastic and capable business-class mobile device. Somehow doing a “rip and replace” seems so ’90s in the era of big IT budgets but somehow out of line with recession thinking.

If you’re not aware, the Seattle Mayor election was very close. Rest assured that McGinn’s narrow victory would have been a large defeat if he had disclosed his IT intentions prior to election day in Microsoft’s home town.

So add an agreeable comment as your signature to my “electronic recall petition” and I’ll lead the charge out here on the “left coast!”




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3 responses to “Seattle Mayor Boots Microsoft for Macintosh – Sign my RECALL PETITION!

  1. Geoff Brelsford

    Against the 14 amendment of the bill of rights( if u dont trust me check for your self) And is just stupid in a Microsoft town where Microsoft is based

  2. In my opinion, this is not a really brilliant move. While we could debate whether the Mac is more user friendly or more secure all night, it is simply not a business operating system. At the end of the day, you’ll have less granular control over a Mac environment (e.g. no group policy), a higher acquisition cost, and ultimately a higher TCO. If a small business wants to take this risk, thats one thing but an enterprise or government operation? Give me a break! Even Apple doesn’t target the enterprise space. Perhaps, that should serve as a clue to these politicians, who I suspect are more interested in using Mac as a political tool so they are seen as being part of a certain crowd that is bringing “change” to the community.

  3. Mark Magnus

    As with any other non trivial public expenditure this should have been put out to competitive bid. This smacks of cronyism. A list of requirements including the data format of the application software with an, open to the public review, of price and adherance to requirements. The town probably has laws about how large an expentiture can be before it has to go to public bid.

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