That’s just cool – airline travel itinerary scanner from TSA reads your mobile phone screen!

It’s Friday after a long and busy week. I was curios about what topic I would write about today. Then the topic jumped out at me. I was clearing TSA security last night at the Las Vegas airport after the Windows Connections conference and heading back to Seattle. At the checkpoint, there was a scanner device and I asked what was it for. This device scans the screen of your mobile telephone where you are displaying your boarding pass. So you can clear security and board your flight without a printer boarding pass!

I actually had an old fashioned printed boarding pass on this occasion, so I didn’t use this new gizmo techno.ogy but I will try it next time!

You can read more about this ticket scanner HERE.




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One response to “That’s just cool – airline travel itinerary scanner from TSA reads your mobile phone screen!

  1. Harry,

    I actually had the opportunity to use the paperless tickets on Continental when I flew out of Orlando following the CW Partner Summit. Couple of quick observations, first your right it was kind of cool and I avoided the frustration of my roommate at the summit by simply having the bar code link emailed to me rather than having to chase up and down the elevator as he did to get paper boarding passes.

    But alas, as with so many cool things in our business, it appears someone came up with a shiny object and then forgot to figure out how to make it work. The barcode is emailed to you as a link to a website, this obviously requires internet connectivity at both the TSA checkpoint and the boarding gate. Guess what? I barely had a signal at TSA security and ended up holding up the whole line waiting for the page to load, indeed the TSA folks told me this and poor screen quality seem to hamper this system regularly.

    This is Continental’s baby so surely my problems are over now that I have gotten my shoes back on, right? Unfortunately, like the questions about why my toothpaste is forbidden yet the large riot stick like wooden Disney souvenirs are not, the problems remain. The signal is limited, but usable, at my gate in Orlando (and I have wisely made the connection before approaching the plane) but my connecting flight in Cincinnati does not use this modern convenience and I once again find myself in front of a line of anxious people wondering who this fool with no ticket is.

    Bottom line, love the idea of saving trees, this is fun, but much like Windows Vista, a wine that was sold before it’s time.

    Take care,

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