Playing Softball with Syspine!

When I wrote my Response Point Primer book, I was thrilled at the chance to utilize several different Response Point configurations. I got my geek on and pushed the limits. That’s what authors (are supposed to) do. One such system was Syspine and it performed with high honors.

The “missing link” was a softphone. I noticed it at the time because I have extensive experience with our VoIP systems – many of which emphasize that softphone. The cool thing about a softphone is my world is the ability to have our mini-call center “callers” dial from the screen. Believe it or not – we used to do exactly this in the old days when we used SKYPE as our softphone for our calling campaigns. True Story!

In the past few days, the news has hit that Syspine has engineered and delivered a softphone to market. Here is the net-net:

Syspine is proud to release the new RP310 Softphone as Freeware for “My Syspine” authorized reselling partners!!

Yes…FREEWARE! Use the RP310Softphone to provide clients with IP phone extensions for PC’s and Laptops and close deals.  RP310Softphone has no licensing costs, is easy to use, has RP “Blue Button” speech recognition, and simply works wherever and whenever you need it to.

Visit; Log into you’re “My Syspine Partner” account, and download the following:

  1. Technical Support Tab: Quick Guide pdf, and RP310 Softphone Freeware application
  2. Sales Tools Tab: RP310Softphone Brochure/Flyer
  3. Marketing Tab: RP310Softphone Product Graphics

Provide your clients with RP310Softphone applications and features that include:

  • “Freeware for all Response Point Phone Systems
  • Speech Recognition with RP blue button integration
  • Voice Commands to make calls, transfer, park, retrieve, etc.
  • Easy installation with Auto Discover/Auto Provision
  • Simple, easy operation…just like the Syspine 310 IP Phone.
  • Support of standard, USB and Bluetooth headsets / handsets
  • Integration with RP PC Assistant operation and functions
  • VPN Network Support
  • Screen pops with caller ID for incoming calls, w/click to answer
  • Call History with click to call
  • Changeable Skins (In a future release)

Not a “My Syspine” Authorized reselling partner? Simply go to, click on “become a My Syspine Partner” and register.  It’s free, and you will have access to our Partner WebPages full of marketing, sales, technical support and product information…Including the Syspine RP310Softphone Quick Guide and Freeware application downloads.

Stay tuned for new Webinars that will cover Syspine RP310Softphone, Remote Proxy, Partner Program, and upcoming product enhancements and promotions for Syspine Microsoft Response Point systems.  As you can see…Syspine is becoming your “Universal Source” for Response Point products and services


Harry, I had a thought…the reason I figured we should meet and talk.

I do a print magazine.

· Tech Insight Magazine

o It is a quarterly publication

o 48 pages

o Mailed

o United States and Canada

o I get the mailing list from Intel

o It is all their registered resellers

You do a magazine. You said quarterly and that you had to raise it from 16 to 32 pages so it would survive the USPS. You also mentioned you are thinking about discontinuing the project.

My thought.

We combine the two.

For your list, we do one of two things:

· a 16 or 32 page wrap of your magazine on the outside with a 32 page version of my magazine on the inside

o mush easier of the two to do

· we run 16 or 32 pages consecutive of your magazine then run 32 pages of my magazine

For my list we would do the opposite:

· My 32 page magazine as a wrap on the outside with your 16 or 32 pages on the inside.

What is in it for you?

· Refocused distribution

· Cost cutting including layout, editorial, printing and postage

· increased opportunity to greatly increase attendance at your events.

In case you haven’t seen our Tech Insight magazine, here is a link to the latest page-turning PDF version.


John Martinez | Editor/Publisher

RAM |  Reseller Advocate Magazine

Address |  16292 37th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98155

Voice |  (206) 366 6680  Cell |  (206) 617 7683

Total Control Panel




Remove this sender from my allow list

You received this message because the sender is on your allow list.


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