IT Control Suite bringing a paradigm shift to remote management

Last week I had the opportunity to catch-up with Ted Roller and gang from IT Control Suite and discuss its award winning channel partner offering. Award winning you say? Yes – in addition to “Best of Show – Hardware” at SMB Nation Fall 2009, IT Control Suite has won best of show at the CompTIA Breakway event and numerous other awards at numerous shows.

Watch my video interview HERE!

My fields notes are:

  • Broader RMM solution that allows resellers to make money, save money and generate more ROI to their clients
  • IT control pursuit – appliance is the hardware piece – resellers can go into net new customers and do a full assessment without installing any software on its network.
  • Green IT functionality – we give resellers ability to evaluate utility usage of customers network. Implement “green schedules”
  • Warranty status reporting on every PC and server, etc. Links to driver pages, warranty pages, etc.
  • Vulnerability scan twice -week.
  • IT Control Suite CEO sez “there is no ROI; there is just profit”
  • KEY POINT: There is no contract cost for the reseller; there is no infrastructure cost for the reseller.  If you make them successful – they will make you successful


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2 responses to “IT Control Suite bringing a paradigm shift to remote management

  1. Hi Harry,

    For me, and maybe also for others, the price of a product is a important decision maker.
    Neither on your or their website there is any mention of dollars.

    I would like it if you give us also that information in cases where you introduce new companies, new products.


    Leen Kleijwegt

    • Leen:

      Thanks for the feedback. We are a channel only company, meaning that we go to market only via the channel and has such we do not publish pricing in the public forum. If you would like to know more, please touch base with me offline and I will be happy to help, or join our MSP only webinar.



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