Free money from Microsoft!

In economics, there is something called a “free good” that is often delivered by the invisible hand. I personally witnessed this in Alaska growing up when, as an 18-year old, I was handed a permanent fund dividend check exceeding $2,000 USD (oil wealth distribution). Man – that was a fun weekend of fishing and other non-sense, let me tell you!

Microsoft is engaging in the same “transfer of wealth” behavior by giving it’s Small Business Specialists Community partners free money akin to an Alaskan oil dividend check. Of course all of these distirbution programs have terms and conditions (e.g. in Alaska, you had to be a resident to get the free money). This you would expect.

Watch my excitement HERE as I try to convey the “free money” from MSFT concept.

In the past week – I have also received private briefings from Microsoft USA program managers on this free money and here are the official details:

Details of the promotion are as below:

Additional Marketing Development Funds Exclusive to Small Business Specialists

Like other partners, SBSCs are eligible to receive up to $500 in marketing funds. However, unlike other partners, as an SBSC you do not need to match those funds. On top of that, your SBSC status entitles you to up to another $500 in funds to promote your business. That’s up to $1000 in marketing funds you do not need to match. The funds can be used to drive demand generation efforts through Ready-to-Go Marketing, including Events, Campaigns, and Marketing Services.

If you are new to the process, or if something is unclear to you about how it works, we can help you. Send us an email at, and a real person will start assisting you with your particular need. All questions are welcome, so don’t leave this opportunity on the table.


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  1. Thanks Harry, your site, blog, newsletter and books are awesome. Keep the tips comming!

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