It’s a tough job – but someone has to do it: Windows Connections (Vegas) here I come!

As I write this, I am traveling to Windows Connections (which also has sub-conferences for Exchange, SharePoint, et al). Year’s ago when the underlying magazine suporting this conferrence was known as Windows NT Magazine from Duke Publishing in Loveland, Colorado, I assisted this group by participating in a Small Business Server (SBS) newsletter> It published two issues in 1998/1999 and was arguably way ahead of its time. Today the flagship publication is better know as Windows IT Pro magazine.

Windows Connections is a mega-conference that is deeply technical. In fact, there is little BusinessSpeak or “managed services” conversations occuring. But it has a strong draw for the Geeks who are employed in-house at larger orgnaizations. It brings in long-time superstars like Tony Redmond and Mark Mansia.

You can learn more about the connections events HERE and I will be reporting for the next few days from this event. Time for me to go geek out for a few days.



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