Reader mail – I love hearing from readers! ISA and SBS 2008

Today is Monday and it is the administrative day at work – sales meetings, operations meetings, accounting meetings, etc. So to break up the day, I did two things. First – I started streaming some public radio music so I could rock on. Second – I answered a reader’s e-mail regarding ISA and Small Business Server 2008 (SBS).

The reader wrote:

Hi Harry,

Do you have any idea why Microsoft removed ISA from SBS Premium?  I guess I was the minority but I ONLY sold SBS 2003 Premium because of ISA and loved it.  I did not have 1 installation hacked or any serious incidents and I attribute it to ISA.  Do they have any plans to reincorporate it or it’s newer version into SBS 2008?

Do you happen to have the Product Manager’s name and e-mail address for SBS 2008?  I’d like to give them my 2 cents worth!

Thanks in advance for your time….Vince

And I answered:

Hi Vince and thank you so much for the e-mail. I greatly appreciate it.

The short story on the ISA matter is that Microsoft really turned that over to 3rd parties – and I support that. To be honest – a firewall on the edge such as Cisco, Untangle, SonicWall, etc. is much better than a dual-NIC scenario from the legacy SBS world. 🙂

If you’d like to communicate with Microsoft about this – and I encourage you to – your community manager is Kevin Beares at and tell him Harryb sent ya!



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