Shout Outs – thanks for the overwhelming support at SMB Nation Fall09

This past week, I received a thank you call from MSP Guru David Schfran (New York, New York). David recently penned our cover story on managed services in the SMB PC magazine and he shared that he received great feedback and landed a bona fide customer engagement as a result of his efforts. It’s how the game is played as an author. More importantly, his sincere outreach to me with a thank you telephone call is a “lost art” in this day and time. I told him such and said thank you for saying thank you to me.

With that preface, I want to make sure I say THANK YOU in this blog to the many sponsors who supported the SMB Nation Fall Conference (Oct 2-4, 2009, Las Vegas). I do this in the form of tweets, Facebook entries, a blog and a LinkedIn status update. It’s the least I can do. So please honor, applaud and support these otherwise unrecognized sponsors who helped make SMB Nation Fall 2009 possible.

8KMiles Exhibitor
CMS Products Exhibitor
CyberRoam Exhibitor
Farstone Exhibitor
FaxBack Exhibitor
Flashecom Exhibitor
HeroWare Exhibitor
High-Reply Exhibitor
Interwork Technologies Exhibitor
IT Career Pro Exhibitor
Levono Exhibitor
MSP Partners Exhibitor
NASBA Exhibitor
Prowess – Smart Deploy Exhibitor
Robin Robins Exhibitor
SMB Books Exhibitor
SMB Photo Exhibitor
SMBTN Exhibitor
SoftLayer Exhibitor
Sophos Bronze
Speakeasy Exhibitor
Thycotic Exhibitor
TigerPaw Exhibitor
VARVid Exhibitor

From the entire staff at SMB Nation – we say THANK YOU!


Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation


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