SMB Nation reports record donations at its GEEKauction during the SMB Nation Fall 2009 conference.

Geek Givers generously donate to green cause at SMB Nation Fall 2009. Sponsors donated relevant technology items for attendees to bid on.

SMB Nation is now reporting record donations at its annual charity-related giving program that is a fixture at SMB Nation events. Over $6,000 was raised and will benefit a bicycle advocacy group, Bikes Belong. SMB Nation attendees bid in a silent auction on technology items donated by the sponsor community. Items ranged from consumer electronics to business books. “We are amazed that we raised over 4X in monies compared to last year’s efforts. It really shows both the maturity and generousity of our Geek Givers.” Shared Harry Brelsford, CEO of SMB Nation. “I want to give a special shout out to Bob Godgart (CEO, Autotask) who encouraged us to launch our GEEKauctions endeavor.” The SMB Nation sponsors participated in the Silent GEEKauction (company name, item donated): • 8kmiles, 200 hours of free cloud computing infrastructure – software, hardware and services • AVG, Nintendo Wii • Back Up Assist, BackupAssist Gold Reseller Pack • CMS Products, Data Transfer Kit,Copy2Go boxed software, CE-Secure Boxed Software, BounceBack Ultimate Boxed Software, OTG Flash Drive 4GB • CompTIA, Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones • Connectwise, Amazon Kindle • CRU Dataport, RTX 400-QR portable enclouser with RAID • Datto Inc., Datto G500 + 1 year of service • eFolder, GPS TomTom • Far Stone, DC7 Enterprise version and 10 workstation licenses • GFI, 30 licenses for Email security • HP, LCD Monitor • Iomega, an EMC Company, Hard Drive USB 2.0 EMC Retrospect • Kerio, 10-user, 1 year license – Kerio MailServer 6.7 • KPEnterprises Business Consulting, Inc./Great Little Book Publishing, multiple book sets • Meraki, Wifi Data Access Point • NASBA, $50 AMEX Giftcard • Research in Motion/Blackberry, two blackberry phones • SMB Photo, 20 minute photo shoot • SoftLayer Technologies Inc., 32 GB iTouch • Sophos Inc., 50 users of our Endpoint Security and Data Protection product for a year • Trend Micro, Nintendo Wii • Trips4Fundraising, trips to Sandpiper Barbados, Blancaneaux in Belize and Infinity Bay in Roatan • Varvid, Hardlines Co, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional LG Insight GSM Phone Since the first SMB Nation in September 2003 (with the GeekCorps as the charity), there has always been a community giving opportunity to attendees to donate to a cause. “It’s in our DNA and we are trying to lead by example.” Brelsford added. “We want our GEEK Givers to “give” more than they “take” from a societal point-of-view. Many of our Joe’s and Jane’s have never been to a charity auction and it is essential we lead the way in teaching the fine art of giving.”


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