Here some the Fed $$$ starting Oct 1st – just ask gloStream

My goodness! The Fed fiscal year starts in 72-hours and massive $$$ will hit the system. SMB consultants can immediately benefit by providing solutions in the medical sector. One such scenario is that of CCR (Detroit, MI) who sells and implements the gloStream solution. This solution is for SMB-sized medical clinics.

The CCR boys – Curt and Joe – will be on stage during my How To Get Stimulus Funding speech and speak towards their use of gloStream.

And we thank gloStream for being an exhibitor at SMB Nation Fall 2009 (Oct 2-4, Las Vegas).



Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation


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One response to “Here some the Fed $$$ starting Oct 1st – just ask gloStream

  1. This blogpost is directly related (target on) to where I am looking to take my SMB consulting business. I have recently joined Microsoft Healthcare Users Group and this blogposts reinforces my reasons for doing so. And I notice from glostream’s website that their solution is already certified. I am looking forward to meeting these folks and learning more about their offering at SMB Nation in Las Vegas in a few days. This blogpost is yet another example of why I value content from Harry Brelsford.
    – Dave Duggan IT Consultant

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