StorageCraft wants to “ski ya” at SMB Nation Fall 2009 (Vegas, Oct 2-4)

Over the years I’ve enjoy both the support of and the opportunity to visit the fine folks at StorageCraft in the Salt Lake City area. StorageCraft has been a long-time player in the SMB technology space and in particular, working with SBSers like you and me. It got in early, listened, stayed around and is moving forward with us. And I can say that StorageCraft is the on-premise backup software application we use at SMB Nation on Bainbridge Island (just gettin’ my honest on here).

But back to skiing. The reason I got to know StorageCraft so well and folks like Curt James on its staff was related to skiing. If you’re not aware – Salt Lake City is a mecca for skiiing. I take my boys up to ski camp in the summer in Park City. And these trips allow me to combine business and pleasure. At least I know my data is being backed-up!

So with tremendous pleasure, I can announce that StorageCraft has committed to being a BRONZE sponsor at the 7th Annual SMB Nation Fall Conference (Las Vegas, Oct 2-4). I have heard a rumor that if you stop by its booth, and BEG and prove you are WORTHY, perhaps you can be on the shortlist for its Saturday night steak dinner party as an invited guest! It’s a small party so only a fe folks will be allowed to dine. 🙂


CEO, SMB Nation


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