The University of Diversity – IBM Lotus Foundations goes SILVER at SMB Nation Fall 2009!

I miss teaching at the University and when the day arrives, with all due respect, that I leave the technology field, I will (here is  pop quiz):

a. Commercial fish in Alaska

b. Starting a bicycle touring company on Bainbridge Island and ride the Chilly Hilly everyday

c. Become a professor at the University-level

Answers (b) and (c) are correct!

Some readers know that I taught for 12+ years at the University-level after I finished my masters. I’ve never made so little money, had so much time (can you say afternoon sailing out of Shilshole Marina on Puget Sound) and had so much FUN! It was really cool that I was the same age as the students – so needless to say we all had fun!

But that’s not what I really truly mean for this blog post to be. This is about IBM Lotus Foundations becoming a SILVER sponsor at our SMB Nation Fall 2009 show in Las Vegas NEXT WEEK!

IBM, along with Microsoft, Xerox and others are well-know for and should be applauded for investing in BASIC RESEARCH. It is basic research that drive technological innovations forward. And as we already see, TECHNOLOGY is leading us into economic recovery. So I think all the above and I know that Universities thank the above as much basic research is accomplished at colleges.

But the University environment (did I mention I miss teaching there?) is also know for being open-minded, diverse and tolerant. And I have now arrived at my main point. Holding robust and respectful conversations is always healthy, good and allows all parties to arrive at thoughtful conclusions. Such is the case with IBM Lotus Foundations introducing itself to the SMB Nation tribe at next week’s fall conference. I think you’ll be impressed! It is, GASP, an open source back office+front office server solution that was designed from the ground up for remote deployment and management. For example, it does not need a keyboard, mouse or monitor. It sets up like a plug and play appliance.

There are at least three opportunities for you to learn about Lotus Foundations. Visit the IBM booth. Attend the IBM presentation. Attend SBS-MVP Eriq Neale’s presentation on “alternatives” in the SMB space.And please practice tolerance, understand and show the love baby!


Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation


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