Bicycling and other environmental causes like on-line backup(s)

Early this year I rode a lot of miles preparing for the 200-mile Seattle-to–Portland (STP) ride in early July. The weather was great here in Seattle and I fondly remember putting in some serious distance. One day, as an advisory committee member at Symform, I had a important “board meeting” at its beautiful Lake Union offices. The meeting ended at 2:00pm, I left my car parked at its offices and rode 80+ miles around the larger Lake Washington loop. It was a “green day” in that I used pedal power instead of petro power!

In the meeting at Symform, we discussed its new product. I view it as a “GREEN” online community-based backup service that is channel partner friendly. That is, a computer guy/gal can implement this solution for his/her small business customer and make some appropriate monthly recurring revenue $$$ along the way.

Fast forward to today. Symform has just publically announced its product in the press release below. It has also committed to being an exhibitor at the SMB Nation Fall Conference (Oct 2-4, Las Vegas) and we’re thrilled about that!It’s “green theme” aligns with our messaging on several levels including our silent geek auction that benefits a green cause (bicycle advocacy).

So here is the announcement from Symform – enjoy it!

Symform Debuts

Pioneer in Decentralized Cloud Computing Solutions Launches Its First Product

DEMOfall 2009

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Symform, Inc. (, a developer of online storage services for disaster recovery, announced the availability of its first product today. The Symform Cooperative Storage CloudTM enables small businesses to implement a backup and disaster recovery solution that is more secure and ten times cheaper than traditional online backup services. Symform has been chosen to debut at the prestigious DEMOfall 09 Conference in San Diego.

Symform was founded on the realization that millions of small businesses have computers with an excess of inexpensive storage capacity, power running 24×7, and unlimited Internet bandwidth – especially nights and weekends. The Symform team has developed software that aggregates this relatively unreliable and untrusted capacity over the Internet and transforms it into a secure and reliable global storage system. The heart of Symform’s software is a proprietary technology called RAID-96TM.

“Symform is simply a better way for small businesses to implement and maintain an off-site backup for disaster recovery,” said Praerit Garg, CEO and co-founder of Symform. “We know that most small businesses have no disaster recovery plan due to the high costs of online services and the hassle of manual tape systems. Subsequently, 70% close their doors in the first year following a catastrophic data loss. This scary statistic is unacceptable and it really motivated us to build and deliver a solution that is easy to implement and affordable for every small business.”

Symform has developed a reseller channel of 300+ IT Service Providers worldwide to deliver its products. “Symform is a no-brainer solution for IT Service Providers in the SMB space,” said Mark Crall, CEO of Charlotte Tech Care Team. “We can now deliver a secure and affordable off-site backup solution for small businesses who can’t justify current market prices that range from $0.50 to $4.00 per GB.”

“We love to introduce disruptive technologies like Symform at the DEMO Conference,” said Chris Shipley, Executive Producer of the DEMO conferences. “Symform is addressing data protection in a very inventive way. I think that small businesses and resellers will respond positively.”


Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation


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  1. Symform has developed a reseller channel of 300+ IT Service Providers worldwide to deliver its products – WOW

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