Leading indicators and Intel goes gold at the SMB Nation Fall Conference!

I get excited at late breaking news when I see such a header on cable new networks. I know that something is up. So I have a little bit of late breaking news for you! INTEL, the world-class chip maker, has just committed to going GOLD at the 7th Annual SMB Nation Fall 2009 conference (October 2-4, 2009, Las Vegas). There are a couple of reasons for this, in my opinion.

First – Intel wants to chat with attendees about its technologies for servers and workstations in the SMB segement. I’ll give you a hint. Are you using the super duper feature to manage a server machine that has its power turned off? If not – you need to stop by the Intel booth and VISIT with the folks to learn about this technology.

Second – I track the world financial markets by watching cable channels such as CNBC. So a few weeks back, Intel raised its forecasts heading into the next fiscal year. I truly believe firms like Intel are the first to cut on the way down and the first to rebound on the way up. So it’s optimism should be embraced by you *and* you should be actively preparing for the recovery!

See you in a couple weeks at the annual fall conference!



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