Ghost Busters and Coach Stu – who ya gonna call!

Loyal readers – still time to see Stu :)(hurry, read and run)

ALSO – we are thrilled that Virtual administrator is exhibitor at the SMB Nation Fall09 conference in Las Vegas (Oct 2-4). Stu is so darn good – he made the grade to deliver a non-commercial academic speech on sales. Don’t miss!

Virtual Administrator Trusted Advisor Program (TAP) Tour.

Coach Stuart Selbst, from Virtual Administrator, will be visiting Northeast and Midwest partners and VAR/MSP Group(s).

Reston, VA, August 26, 2009:  As part of Virtual Administrators commitment to its partners and to the small VAR/MSP community, Coach Stuart Selbst will be visiting regional partners and VAR/MSP groups located in the Northeast and Midwest.

Stuart’s schedule will be as follows:

  • New York City, NY – September 9th through the 12th agenda:
    • September 10th – Lunch and Learn event at Connected Technology
    • September 10th & 11th – Meet with Partners
  • Boston, MA – September 13th through the 15th agenda:
    • September 14th – Meet with Intronis
    • September 15th – Meeting with Partners
    • September 15th – Guest Speaker at SBS Users Group at Waltham, MA Microsoft Campus
  • Washington, DC – September 16th through the 18th agenda:
    • Meetings with Partners
  • Chicago, IL – September 18th through the 22nd agenda:
    • Meetings at the CompTIA Offices with Mid-West Partners

Virtual Administrator Bio:

For years, Network Depot has provided IT companies/VARs across the country with various products and services. While building relationships with these IT providers, we started talking to them about the tools and methods we used in our own, Washington DC area, managed services business. We discovered that many of these companies were interested in our processes, but not ready to make the heavy investment required to replicate them.

This sparked an idea: What if we extended our Managed Service tools to other IT Providers, helping them become more productive and profitable? With this thought in mind, we offered the use of our systems to a few select partners for a low monthly fee. These partners loved it, and in 2007 we decided to make our casual offering more serious, and as a result, VirtualAdministrator was born.

Our goal at VirtualAdministrator is to give back to the IT community that has employed us so well for so many years, and to help smaller IT support businesses become bigger ones.

Services Offered:

  • Hosted Kaseya
  • Trusted Advisor Program (TAP)/ Business Coaching
  • Hosted SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS)
  • Intronis Online Backup
  • Spam Soap Spam Filtering

Stuart “Coach Stu” Selbst Bio & the Trusted Advisor Program (TAP):

Stuart Selbst is known in the channel as a partner advocate, advisor and business coach. His ongoing effort to help IT firms get organized to grow and become profitable has positioned him as an expert and trustworthy resource.

Stuart plays an active role as a channel advocate working to make MSP’s successful and an asset to their clients. He has spoken and presented at many industry events including CompTIA Breakaway and MSP Summit, MSP Revolution and SMB Nation Fall ’09. Stuart’s blog can be followed at


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