Eating our own dog food at SMB Nation Fall09

Granted, the term “eat your own dog food” is over used.

However – in the case of Meraki and its relationship to SMB Nation, it’s appropriate.  First of all – when I met Meraki last fall right after my fall conference, I was impressed with three things.

1 – it is located in the ultra-hip SOMO district of San Francisco that was the heart of the dot-com boom. In fact, it’s located in the old Macromedia building!

2 – It’s company mascot is a SPRINGER SPANIEL just like SMB Nation!

3 – It has really cool wifi technology (E.g. one niche is outside weather-proof devices)

4 – It has a community-based reseller program that is SMB channel partner friendly.

(oops -that is four reasons!)

So the more I got to know Meraki on subsequent visits, the more I liked this company and looked for ways to work together. Given we have Springer Spaniels in common, it only made sense to “eat dog food!” Not only is Meraki an exhibitor at the SMB Nation Fall 2009 conference (Vegas, Oct 2-4), but it is providing the complete WiFi coverage and connectivity for the event. I guess me feeling is this. If you like what you see/feel/hear than you can easily consider Meraki for your own needs and the needs of your customers.

So join us in VEGAS in a couple of weeks and party on!


Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation

BREAKING NEWS => #meraki donates Cloud-managed Wireless LAN ($1,100) to Silent Geek Auction at #smbnation fall09. Thanks for being a GEEK GIVER!


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