The Lovable Hippe, Twitter and SMB Nation Fall09

In Washington DC, everyone wants to be a guest on the Sunday AM talk shows such as those viewed on CNN, FOX and the major networks like ABC and CBS. It’s political capital being built and spent. Right now I have CNN on and I’ve watching a Sunday morning talk show about the health care plan, etc. When watching such shows, you can see folks how have a favorable appearance on TV. That is, these people casat a positive vibe. Other guests portray a negative vibe.

TCAT, a hippe, casts a positive vibe when he walks into a room, delivers a speech or yaks wih you late into the night. So I am thrilled to report we’ve brought TCAT back to the SMB Nation events. In the past – TCAT was best know for his “success team” lectures. Always highly rated, this Hippe even impresses conservatives! Republicans stand in long lines to HUG him!

So TCAT has a new act. It’s called Pure Frickin’ Magic (PFC) and it’s a social media speech based on Twitter. Only at SMB Nation Fall09! See ya’ October 2-4 in Las Vegas!

ski ya later….harrybbbb

Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation


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