My Top 100 Women In The Channel List Starts With Nancy Williams!

In the publishing field, there is an editorial “must do” and “can’t fail” known as THE LISTS. Look at any magazine at the grocery store checkout line and you’ll see top ten, seven steps, Top 500, etc. It’s an effective and honorable formula that readers expect. In fact, I started my publishing career with Colorado Business Monthly (while in grad school at the University of Denver) creating an “interlocking Board of Directors” list. I then continued as a “list guy” for Alaska Business Monthly and Washington CEO magazine. It’s actually how I got into computers because I initially used Harvard Software’s PFS program on an Apple II+ to do my research.

So – 20+ years later, now I am the magazine at SMB PC and it’s time to get back to lists. One list I’d like to create would be the Top 100 women in the channel and present to you the names of real do’ers! In that category, near the top of the list, must be the name Nancy Williams! Nancy has been in the channel 5+ years in a variety of capacities including serving at SMB Nation with distinction in the early days.

Today Nancy is an important part of the Cloud Services Depot team. She assists in community recruitment, business development and many other tasks that I’m sure I’m unaware of. Those of you that know Nancy know that she knows many people in the industry. If you don’t know Nancy – you have a chance to meet her soon. Nancy and her employer, Clouds Services Depot, have signed as an exhibitor at SMB Nation Fall 2009 (Oct 2-4, Las Vegas). This booth is a “must visit” and tell her harrybbb sent ya!


Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation

PS – Cloud Services Depot is also a proud co-sponsor of SMB Beer Summit II this coming Wednesday night (Sept 16) in Pasadena, CA! Call me directly at 1-888-SMB-NAT1  if you would like an invitation!!!!!


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