Giving never goes out of fashion – Calyptix community contest to attend SMB Nation Fall 09

As you likely know by now – I started SMB Nation in a garage >11-years ago and built this company and have participated in this community in a positive, proactive “glass half full” perspective. I wouldn’t have it any other way. So it’s a pleasure and an honor to meet like-minded optimistic individuals in the SMB channel partner journey.

One such entity and individual is Ben Yarborough, CEO of Calyptix. Calyptix is a long-time supporter of SMB Nation and has committed to a exhibitor level at our SMB Nation Fall 2009 show in just a few weeks (October 2-4, 2009, Las Vegas). Myself and the other seven staff members at SMB Nation want to say “THANK YOU” to Ben and all supporters for our jobs and, again, honor and pleasure of serving YOU!

But Ben recently took community giving to the next level. He approached me privately and asked if he could purchase an attendee pass at his own expense, purchase a R/T air ticket, secure a hotel room and even provide CASH as a contest for one (1) lucky winner to attend SMB Nation Fall09 – completely complimentary! I replied that I loved the idea and I saw this as much more than a branding promotion for Calyptix but a scholarship that will likely be won by someone who cold use a helping hand.

So here’s to Ben – a saint amongst us!

Learn more about the contest here:


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