Newbies are a healthy addition to the community…

First – I want to welcome Spam Soap as a exhibitor at the SMB Nation Fall09 conference (Las Vegas, October 2-4, 2009). It’s community support like this that allows us SMB technology consultants, VARs and computer dudes and gals to meet periodically and learn from each other.

Second – let me tell you the story of the newbie. One day, Leonard Dimiceli called me. He was the new Director of Channel Sales at Spam Soap. To be honest, Leonard is NOT a Newbie in the traditional sense. He has a long history of technology sales positions at companies such as SAGE and Veritas. You can learn more about him HERE on his LinkedIn profile. What I immediately liked about Leonard was his energy, excitement and follow-up. A true seasoned pro and at the helm of sales at Spam Soap.

So what’s the newbie angle here? Leonard is relatively new to our community – largely made of of Small Business Server affiodionados. That is, SBSers! But already Leonard is making in roads. He is integrating with the community. Leonard will join me in hosting the SMB Beer Summit III on September 17th out by John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA. This will be in the late afternoon. So contact me for an invitaiton and meet Leonard and Spam Soap!


Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation


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