One day the telephone rang – its was the founder of AntFarm

It’s a small professional community in the SBS world. We tend to know each other or are only a few degree “seperated” from each other. So I was thrilled when John Kilian (President, AntFarm) reached out to me one day – the old fashioned way – via telephone.

I was well-versed in the AntFarm school of managed services but just a bit concerned that John’s approach overshot the “mark” for our thriving SMB demographic. But John spoke with me about how he was looking to provide meaingful content targeted at our SMB Nation tribal members. I fond the conversation to be collaborative and John was sincerely interested in learning more about how he can provide maximum content value to our audience.

Well – the next thing I knew – John was engaged as a speaker at our 7th Annual SMB Nation Fall09 event (October 2-4, 2009) in Las Vegas! The actual speech abstract is below:

Are your Managed Services becoming Commoditized?  YOU BET!

(Design your Managed Services offerings to give you competitive advantage)

You know that you must differentiate YOUR business to win THEIR business, but how?  It’s got to be more than talk and slick marketing.  You’ve got to be able to show how you are going to solve their business problems better than anyone else.  And, most importantly, you must deliver on the promise.

Branding and relationship selling can only take you so far in the struggle to differentiate your services.  To stand out from the crowd, you must be able to provide additional tangible benefits for your clients.  One key area to investigate is that of providing truly consultative advice to your clients – helping them to get more return from their IT investment in a strategic sense.  In other words, change the focus from the technology plumbing to growing business value.

In this session, you’ll learn how to create AND deliver services that represent greater value to your customers and to your business…services that will make you stand out in the crowd.

And you can learn mroe about John at AntFarm HERE.


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