Cisco is my countercyclical buddy!

In case you didn’t realize it, Cisco is making all the right moves in SMB lately. Here is what I mean.

Companies that wisely increase their marketing spend and investments in a recession can be handsomely rewarded on the other side. Many months ago, Cisco increased it investment in the SMB space with a >$100M multi-year capital commitment. This included building a new SMB office building in the San Jose area (true story – I saw the site).

Cisco smells opportunity in SMB. It’s starting to OWN the SMB VoIP conversation (no pun intended). The UC500 is sweet and, I can honestly say, something a small business won’t outgrow anytime soon. Cisco is also starting to talk servers and other data networking infrasturcture solutions way beyond its traditional routers and switches.

So I encourage you to have a renewed conversation with Cisco about it’s SMB footprint. That conversation can occur at the SMB Nation Fall09 conference (Oct 2-4, Las Vegas) because Cisco is a platinum sponsor. See ya’ there!


Harry Brelsford


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