It Just Wouldn’t Be A Conference Without Microsoft!

Microsoft certainly rates at/near the top of the list for companies that influence and impact the technology area. In fact, over the years, Microsoft has created something of a cottage industry of entities that report on Microsoft itself and it’s products. For example, the publication “Directions On Microsoft” reports on Microsoft topics ranging from business leaders inside Microsoft (Who’s Who) to product roadmaps to licensing. Windows Pro tends to report on Microsoft’s technical products with deep dive articles, etc.

In a similar manner, we can trace our roots, growth and success to our long-standing, continuing and intact relationship with Microsoft. It is with profound pleasure that I can report Microsoft is a platinum sponsor at our SMB Nation Fall 2009 conference (Las Vegas, October 2-4). This Microsoft sponsorship is very special because it’s actually an amazing year inside the SMB channel partner community.

Windows 7 has the partner community excited – we delivered a Windows 7 webinar a couple of months ago that set an attendance record for us. Speaking only for myself – I must admit that inside SMB Nation we have some machine that are STILL on Windows XP and awaiting the commercial release of Windows 7 to be upgraded.

And speaking of schedules – take this under advisement. Windows 7 is doe for release to the public on October 22nd. Our SMB Nation Fall Conference event is October 2-4. You, the SMB technology consultant, can jump on the Windows 7 opportunity a few weeks before you would start to deploy it to your customers. Perfect timing – just like Microsoft’s platinum sponsorship commitment to our independent, community confab!


Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation

PS – Talk about lucky sevens! This fall our conference is seven years old! And Windows 7 is coming to the show.

PPS – read what Susan Bradley says about our fall conference here

PPPS – and here is what robert crane said about the fall conference


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