Holy Shiftin’ Supply Curves – New Conversations Coming at SMB Nation Fall09

Did you hear the one about 20 SMB technology consultants who walk into a bar for a beer summit?

OK – I’ll share it with you. Last night I very much enjoyed hosting 20+ SMB channel partners, SBSer, consultants and the like at Dave & Busters in the Silicon Valley area. It was a chance to “keep community alive” and talk about thriving with the coming economic recovery. I primarily used social media tools like Twitter and Facebook to reach my readers/customers that attended and was pleased with the results.

So one toast led to another. We toasted our good fortunes with Small Business Server (SBS) over the past decade. It’s been an amazing and fantastic ride! Hip-hip-hooray!

Another toast looked forward to the future. The conversation(s) started to reflect the “shift in the supply curve” thinking that we all have in the technology segment. Time to reinvent ourselves was an underlying theme.

And that got me to thinking and make mention of Eriq Neale’s excellent speech he will deliver at SMB Nation Fall09 (Las Vegas, Octo 2-4) that scopes out the alternative infrastructure solutions in the SMB segment that demand your consideration and serious study. Eric has been research Apple/Mac (one of his niches), IBM Lotus Foundations, hosted solutions and other appropriate alternatives in SMB technology.

What’s interesting is that our customers, the attendees, want to hear this speech. While Eriq;s spin is on the data networking-side (he is an SBS author and SBS MVP), I have a standard stump speech about alternatives relating to VoIP. Assuming you and your customers are fat, happy and sassy (get the pun) on the data-side, perhaps you want to conquer the telephony world. But that’s a whole different blog post-up.

Anyways – welcome Eriq Neale as a featured speaker at SMB Nation Fall09 as he thoughtful explores new alternative solutions in the SMB space. You’re in for a treat.


Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation



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