Goodness comes in many forms – GFI returns to the SMB technology community!

If I ever start to babble too much about the “good old days” of SMB technology – just add a comment to my blog posts and I’ll stop!

Today I want to start with the good old days and then work forward. In the 2001/2002 time frame, with SBS 2000 front and center, I toured across the USA doing SBS “hands-on lab” workshops (this was before events like our annual SMB Nation Fall conference, before Amy met Chad, etc.). It was a grand time to see an economic segment just starting and growing up.

Part of my “act” was to talk about using third-party tools to supplement the native SBS 2000 tools. One of this tools was a network monitoring tool that I used in a speech titled “BlakHat Thyself!” The GFI tool was a sniffer that allowed you to see what ports were open, etc.

Then I moved on and lost touch with GFI. As I understand it, GFI shifted it prioties and lost touch with the SMB technology community as well.

But that is changing. Starting about six to nine months ago, GFI started reaching out to the SMB technology community again. This outreach including seeking out the opinion of leading Microsoft MVPs like Amy Babinchak, Andy Goodman and others on product design. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to GFI from “HandyAndy” and a couple of its eomployees, including Anne Murphy, attended our SMB Nation Spring show.

Fast forward to SMB Nation Fall 09 – our 7th annual community shindig – and GFI is a bronze sponsor. I feel like I’ve found a old friend again and we’re catching up and doing good business! How facebookey!


Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation


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