How To VoIP – the next great thing in SMB?

I often like to talk too much – which is why my interest in telephony is perfect šŸ™‚
Seriously – I’ve got talking point at the 50,000-foot level about saving the world with VoIP. Imagine if we could first get clean drinking water to the 3+ billion people who need it. Follow that with power. Then finally deliver telephony service for FREE (are darn near it) based on VoIP. That is my dream of the future.

So – let’s return to reality and the hard-working SMB consultant for a moment. Do you know how to VoIP? Chances are you’re a data networking individual who worked her way up through the community with the beloved Small Business Server (SBS) product over the past decade. Been there and done that right with you. But we’re all asking “BIG QUESTIONS” right here right now about SMB technology. And I think one of the ANSWERS is to have you consider adding VoIP-based telephony solutions to your SMB consulting practice.

The first step to do this? Attend SMB VoIP author Jay Weiss’s lecture on How To VoIP at the SMB Nation Fall 2009 conference (Las Vegas, Oct 2-4). This is a GeekSpeak technical lecture with bona fide “How To-isms” and actionable next steps you can take to get your head into VoIP ASAP!

Respectively submitted for your consideration.


Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation


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