What does content management and SharePoint mean to you?

Well it’s that time of month again! I’m just a few weeks away from writing and going to press with my next magazine issue (Q42009, SMB PC). So I gotta get started on my primary research. The good news is that I remain deeply committed to original content in our journal and I constantly hear how much you, the beloved reader, appreciate our efforts to “keep it real!”

So the current survey is about how the SMB space views content management. Hmmm….I view it as mission critical because I work with words and “content” all day. The CompanyWeb feature in Windows Small Business Server literrally drives our editorial workflow for my e-mail newsletter and our SMB PC magazine.

Please participate in our SMB content management/SharePoint survey. TIA…TGIF…harrybbbb #smbnation

COMPLETE THE SURVEY HERE: http://bit.ly/3S0Tzu

PS  – Robert Crane from Australia (Mr. SharePoint) will be delivering one of his killer speeches at the 7th Annual SMB Nation Fall Conference (Las Vegas, Oct 2-4, 2009) so how ’bout that!


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One response to “What does content management and SharePoint mean to you?

  1. Harry,

    Thanks for the plug about my SharePoint session. I working really hard on creating something that will really make people sit up and ask why they are not getting more into SharePoint.

    For those who are interested, don’t forget my presentation on SharePoint from last years SMBNation as well (which I think was also a killer but then I’m biased). You can find a copy of the content at my http://www.slideshare.com/directorcia.

    Catch you all in Vegas in October.

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