Goodness arrives in many shapes and sizes. CRU-Dataport donates to our charity!

A little known fact about SMB Nation is we have a long tradtion of giving back to the community. Starting back whe I was a “Joe The Computer Guy” (doing the real work), I engaged in pro bono work. There I was setting up a NetWare and later a  Windows For Workgroups network at the National MS Society Charity Auction on a winter Saturday night (circa mid-1990s) in Seattle. (Sometime I’ll tell you how a reprogrammed the donor MS Access database on the fly). 🙂

In modern times, the SMB Nation conferences always have a charity. We started with GeekCorps in the Boston-area seven years ago at our first show. Fast forward and we’ve seen it all and supported it all 🙂 But this year’s chairty is a green cause => bicycle advocacy. Cleaner air, better health!

The format is slightly different this year as well. Instead of “pass the hat” and other charity fund raising approaches, we have a silent charity auction stuffed with TECHNOLOGY ITEMS (no wine baskets, puppies or art work here).

So it is with profound pleasure I can reveal our first “go giver” in CRU-Dataport.The gift? A capable SMB storage player donated to a fantastic cause:

“RTX 400-QR portable enclouser wiht RAID” device valued at $900 USD” More details are this:

“Portable desktop storage with built-in RAID featuring FireWire 400/800 interface plus USB 2.0 and SATA. Supoprts up to 100MB data transfer rates. Direct Attached Storage (DAS) 10X faster! Learn more at or”

So here comes the APPLAUSE sign – please clap for CRU-Dataport.


Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation

PS – if you’d like to give generously to our technology auction as part of the SMB Nation charity outreach – please contact me directly.

PPS – Learn more about the SMB Nation Fall 2009 conference HERE


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