Blackberry is not just a late fall bicycle race…it’s a GOLD Sponsor at SMB Nation Fall09

Last night I sorted thourgh heaps of bicycle racing photos and planned for the final races of the year. Harry Jr is thrilled to be one of the vaunted Bainbridge Island cyclists in the 10-12YO category he’ll have his velo prowess on display in a criterium at the Blackberry festival in Bermerton Washington on September 6th.

Which got me thinking about blackberries. It’s that time of year to harvest ’em and celebrate ’em.

So in announcing that Research In Motion “brand” of Blackberry is planning to join us as a GOLD sponsor at the SMB Nation Fall09 conference (Oct 2-04, Las Vegas), we kinda feel like we’re having our own autumn blackberry festival. How appropriate! This will be your chance, as an SMB channel partner, to sample and taste the Blackberry mobility solutions in SMB. Yum!

It’s also not lost on me that Blackberry is a Wall Street darling – having out performed the major indexes and its competion. What’s the secret “blackberry sauce” going on here? RIM heavily invested in marketing the Blackberry brand during the now-ending recession and have gained significant traction. Sounds like we should copy this market leader (eh?) and invest now to harvest soon.
ski ya later…harrybbbb

Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation

BTW – Blackbery has SMB channel partner religion.


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