CompTIA goes BRONZE at SMB Nation Fall09 and what is that Convergence+

As you know, we all take professional pride in our craft. When I put my author hat on, I harken back to several books ago when I wrote an “all in one” MCSE Study Guide in the Windows 2000 Server time-frame (Osborne) that was meant to look and feel like Mike Myers best selling A+ study guide (the A+ title is CompTIA’s flagship certification). That was one of my initial introductions to the CompTIA trade association. (BTW – do you have the CompTIA A+ title?). Basically I wanted to be like Mike.

Fast forward many years and the technology world has changed again and again. But one this that remains constant is the CompTIA presence in our industry. It’s an “old school” brand that remains relevant by continuously updating its certification offerings and trade association membership benefits. So it was with great pride and pleasure that I can announce CompTIA is a BRONZE sponsor at the 7th-annual  SMB Nation Fall09 conference in Las Vegas (Oct 2-4). I personally am very interested in learning more about CompTIA as I feel I know them as a “lay person” but have a since there is much more “there” there.

For example, it is no secret my interest in recent times have expanded to include the SMB VoIP conversation at our Telephonation site. So earlier today I asked myself – what’s CompTIA’s take on the whole VoIP conversation. What I discovered was CompTIA has a Convergence+ certificaiton title in the Unified Communications (UC) area. I am going to dig deeper on this title and I will encourage CompTIA to profile it at our fall community conference shindig or whatever you want to call our big annual confab. 🙂

Looking forward….harrybbbb

Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation


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