Over 125 ways to Whack Weasels at SMB Nation Fall09 – Keynote announced…

Many SMB Nation tribe members now from my writings that I grew up in Alaska. Alaska is kinda like a cold Florida with mountains in this sense => it’s as far away as you can get (OK – Hawaii qualifies too). Being a distant US outpost, Alaska is where a lot of interesting characters “end up” in life.

So imagine my surprise when I met author Wayne Turmel at the Chicago airport last winter to talk business. He looks and likes like an Alaskan – his “125 Quotes for Whacking Weasels” is an off-beat gonzo book that is an enjoyable read. On theserious-side, Wayne is an accomplished subject matter expert (SME) on conducting GREAT WEBINARS for driving business development (he is the president at greatwebmeetings.com). In fact – we have retained Wayne as part of our “webinar” package at SMB Nation for clients. But back to the silly-side, the host of the “Cranky Middle Manager Show”had a first career as a stand-up comic in the brutal Chicago market!

So all those credentials, mixed up in keynote stew, make Wayne the obvious selection to kick-off the 7th annual SMB Nation Fall09 Conference early on October 2nd (Friday) at The Riv in Las Vegas. He’s the right blend of morning coffee to jolt you awake, get you excited and actually delvir some robust content!

See ya there….harrybbbb

Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation


PS – How did I meet Wayne? Via a social media tool called LikedIn. Wayne if a fellow member of the SMB Professionals Group. Link with me and I’ll tell you more!



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2 responses to “Over 125 ways to Whack Weasels at SMB Nation Fall09 – Keynote announced…

  1. Harry, Harry, Harry, I am a CANADIAN, not an Alaskan (although the difference may be minimal to many in the lower 48). Nonetheless, I’m really excited to talk about Wacking Weasels at SMBNation 09!

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