A trip down memory lane – Kaseya goes BRONZE at the SMB Nation Fall conference!

I am delighted to announce that long-time sponsor Kaseya has gone “bronze” at the SMB Nation Fall09 conference. But the story is much more than that.

The first chapter of the first book I ever wrote (Windows NT 4.0 Server Secrets) concerned the built-in performance monitor. I truly believed there was a business model here somewhere. What if you could charge a dollar a day for the pleasure of monitoring a server? Brighter minds at other companies, including Kaseya, capitalized on this thinking and have taken this business model to the next level. It is also noteworthy that Kaseya was one of the first companies to rapidly expand its footprint overseas (I once literally bumped into a Kaseya workshop in Dublin Ireland when I was traveling for an HP workshop!). And before it became popular, Kaseya was hosting a “user conference” in Vegas! Also – it has a long history of “coaching” its resellers on best business practices via Webinars…good stuff!

So there you have it – Kaseya is a leading contender in the SMB network monitoring space.


Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation


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