Follow the reinvention leader: Citrix goes BRONZE at SMB Nation Fall 09

Our demographic survey data consistently shows we’re honored to be in the company of experienced SMB IT professionals with 10+ years experience. That means you’ve paid your dues, planted seeds and have hopefully started to harvest (ye olde’ reap what you sow theory – in a good way).

So for many readers, saying the name Citrix should bring back long-time memories for the early Windows NT releases (remember Terminal Server edition in the NT 3.x time frame) that allowed a generation of thin clients to work on a LAN. I remember putting this in for a Seattle arts organization that wanted it’s season ticket solicitors to have a “dumb terminal” to work with TeleMagic, an early small business call center/CRM-like program.

The core technology for Windows NT Terminal Server was provided by Citrix in a coooperative agreement with Microsoft. However, in the NT 4.0 time frame, under some terms and conditions I am not party to, Microsoft assumed control of this technology and Citrix had to “reinvent” itself real quick! It’s done so in numerous ways including the customer-facing GoToMeeting product. It’s Terminals Services-like product found a niche in supporting multiple operating systems and in many ways, being more efficient than the Microsoft offering.

But I’m really here to talk about Citrix XenApp Fundamentals (formerly Citrix Access Essentials). You can learn more about it on page 6 of the current SMB PC Magazine (3Q2009, Issue 4-1). This is the application that Citrix will present as a BRONZE sponsor at our 7th Annual SMB Nation Fall Conference (October 2-4, Las Vegas). Citrix is a long-time sponsor of the SMB community: did you know that for many years, it allowed a local SBS/SMB IT Pro user group to meet monthly in its Fort Lauderdale office?

Personally I like Citrix in that it’s proven reinvention strategy is akin to the way Intuit and others have survived incursions via Microsoft. It’s healthy for the SMB ecosystem to have these success stories. Don’t you agree?


Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation


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