Arnie is everywhere! Connect+Wise goes GOLD at SMB Nation 2009 Fall

So Arnie and I go back to the ‘hood years ago when “SMB” stood for server messaging blocks instead of small and medium business. We were on early “Backoffice Small Business Server Advisory Committees” at MSFT run by Brian Jeans, Katy Hunter and the like. So we share those roots in common.

About the time we met, we both pursued careers of service to the SMB channel partner community channel. I wrote books and led workshops. Arnie had his PSA software (I believe originally developed in Microsoft Access for internal use in his Tampa consultantcy) that he then offfered it to the community. A decade passed and we grew up together!

So it is with profound pleasure that I can announce ConnectWise’s GOLD sponsorship at our SMB Nation 2009 Fall Conference. We have enjoyed much support from ConnectWise over the years and, as a leader in the PSA market, it deserves your seriously consideration. Come hear what ConnectWise has to say in its 90-minute breakout session at SMB Nation 2009 Fall Conference (Vegas, Oct 2-4, 2009). Tell ’em harrybbb sent ya!


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