Zenith “platinium” and Autotask “gold” at SMB Nation Fall

Over the next few weeks, I will be announcing our SMB Nation Fall conference (Oct 2-4, Las Vegas) sponsorships. This is an exciting and enjoyable part of my job as I like sharing good news! The good news occurs on a couple of fronts. First – the SMB technology ecosystem, which very much includes vendors and sponsors, is healthy! Second – these sponsors believe it you, the SMB technology consultant and channel partner, to drive success with your small business customers. It’s basically a circular loop that goes ’round and round. I am glad that my company, SMB Nation, is part of it.

Today there are two core announcements from two long-time sponsors in the SMB Nation world:

Zenith Infosystems has the lead-off PLATINUM sponsorship position. I know this firm, well-received in our SMB partner community, is always innovating new services and products. So I expect to hear good news from Zenith this fall.

Autotask has enthusiatically elected to join us again as a GOLD sponsor. I have already had conversations with Autotask about what bona fide content in the managed services realm would YOU (the SMB Nation Fall conference attendee) like to hear. Autotask has a great reputation for delivering academic content (not just sales pitches) and I expect nothing less.
Welcome aboard Zenith and Autotask!



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One response to “Zenith “platinium” and Autotask “gold” at SMB Nation Fall

  1. Thanks for the recognition, Harry. SMB Nation is one of our favorite events — both for the business and the parties!

    Since you mentioned both Autotask and Zenith in the same post, I should also mention that by the time of your event we will both be talking about — and showing off — the hot new A – Z integration.

    Can’t say more about it now, other than everyone stay tuned for some big news soon!

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