Road Kill Along the Highway of Life – A New SMB Song from Harryb

So where oh where have I been?

Shortly before the 4th of July weekend, I narrowed my razor sharp focus right at the 30th annual 202-mile Seattle to Portland (STP) ride that occurred on July 11-12, 2009. It was great to feel the competitive urge of days gone by (OK – let’s call if yesteryear for those of us who were high school hero’s and college jocks). I ramped up, tapered down and even carbo loaded the night before the big ride.

My strategy in bicycling is not unlike my strategy in business: slow starts and fast finishes. I’d rather pass folks at the end versus be passed. It’s just a personal preference (not necessarily right or wrong) and you may differ (my wife does on this strategy).

The first day of the STP was fantastic. We rode 130 miles down to Vader WA to get a jump on the ultra-distance. Started at 530AM and finished at 630PM. That was a good day and you can see my crossing milepost 100 in the photo.

Riding STRONG at Mile 100 and turing up the pace!

Riding STRONG at Mile 100 and turing up the pace!

Day two started at 7AM with a wee-bit of rain/moisture but there we only 70-miles to complete! with about 40 miles remaining, my wife and I attached to a paceline of US Navy/Marines from the nearby Kitsap-county Bangor Subase (Silverdal, WA). Man – those military dude are FIT and we were CRUISING at about 18-MPH.

Then I have sad news to report. At mile 180, I was in 6th position in the paceline and my wife was in position seven. Rider five (#5) reacted to a rapid paceline “adjustment” to avoid something ahead and he jack-knifed in front of me. I reacted by going into a tuck and roll manueavr and “roll” into the pack wreck.

The good news is that I did not let go of my handle bars else I would have posssibly had a broken wrist and/or collar bone. Just ask Levi who dropped out of the Tour de France about that!

So I’m really nothing more than bumps, brusies and sprained left knee. I’m working from my home office and my capable stuff is “running the company” as they say. You will see me return to regular blogging. I missed you!

BTW – how did your month go?


PS – don’t forget I have my big fall show coming up: SMB Nation Fall 2009, Las Vegas, October 2-4, 2009. Hope you’ll join our 7th annual – big fun gang!



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