SMB Nation Virtual Spring Show – Wednesday, June 10th

It’s HERE! SMB Nation Spring Virtual Conference!

We are introducing a presentation paradigm that is especially well-suited for the SMB with our virtual conference. Turns out, that virtual conferences are gaining mindshare in the technology and business community, as witnessed by this excellent article in INC magazine: []
Block out time to visit our SMB Nation Spring conference this Wednesday, June 10th from 8AM PDT to 4:00PM PDT (UTC-7) for LIVE DAY! So here is the “411” of information for you regarding this hip happening event!

Sign-up for the complimentary online conferrence HERE


  • Are You Essential Business Server 2008 Secrets (Greg Starks, Steve Bourne) Customers outgrowing SBS?  Larger opportunities knocking at your door?  Come find out what Essential Business Server 2008 is all about.  Learn how it is positioned vs. SBS and how it will help you simplify managing a multi-server environment.  Discover what hardware you will need to sell with EBS, how to plan for shared storage solutions, and insights into deployment methods.  Be ready!
  • Creating, Selling and Funding Managed Services (Eric G Steinberg) During a jam packed and entertaining 90 minute presentation, Eric will take you through the step-by-step process of selecting and delivering each component necessary to build a winning, recession and competitor proof MSP practice.  Next you will learn how to successfully attracted and engage with new and existing clients through a systematic process of professional solution selling techniques.  Finally, Eric will provide you with a series of effective and creative ways to finance your new MSP practice.
  • Total Small Business Management Using OneNote 2007 (Todd Colbeck) This class will discuss how to add 25% or more in new revenues to any small business (including your own) using Microsoft OneNote 2007.   One Note 2007 is to a business owner, what a palette of paints is to an artist. Everything the artist needs to paint his picture is on the palate. It is up to him how to blend the colors and apply them to the canvas. Every feature a business owner needs to execute a business plan is in OneNote 2007, it is up to him how to blend the features to create his dream business. A lot of lip service has been given to the paperless office; OneNote 2007 is a paperless office! In this class we will discuss:
  1. A brief review of the features in OneNote 2007.
  2. Customized templates and applications for running the business of a Microsoft Small Business Specialist.
  3. How to customize and apply the templates for improving the businesses of your customers, regardless of their vertical.
  • We will be going extremely deep on greatly improving the sales and marketing cycle using OneNote 2007. We will also discuss how to use its collaboration features to reduce workflow time by 15 to 25% in most businesses and sometimes more.
  • OneNote 2007 is always a great tool to create a WOW from your current customers and create competitive advantage for yourself when winning new customers. This class will help position you as an expert for all areas of concern to a small business owner in addition to technology.
  • NOTE: To view the speakers, please go to the back of the trade show hall and visit the lecture screens (shown below). Remember to navigate using your ARROW KEYS!
Time for bona fide content lectures!

Time for bona fide content lectures!

This is the academic lecture area that launches the video lectures!


Steve Bourne – Steve Bourne is a Program Manager with the Windows Essential Business Server team. He has worked on multiple v1 server products during his 8 years with Microsoft. Steve joined the EBS team at the beginning of the v1 product cycle, and was for responsible for areas including OEM relationships, virtualization, performance, and Base SKUs

Todd Colbeck Todd Colbeck, MBA, is an industry   veteran and business coach. He specializes in helping business owners grow their practice by increasing client loyalty and getting clients to actively promote their business. He uses OneNote 2007 extensively in his own practice. He coaches every business owner he works with on using OneNote to massively increase revenues and reduce workflow time in their business.

Eric Steinberg The idea of providing fixed fee network administration services became the obvious choice for Eric and his regular clients back in 1986.  Though hampered by technical limitations, it provide critical to the success of his “bootstrapped” business.  Eric was then tapped by Microsoft as one of the first 25 MCSEs in Windows NT 3.1.  Combining his technical and business knowledge he provided a CIO perspective for early adopters.  As head of professional services for Citrix’s largest specialty distributor he shifted his focus to the virtualization revolution.  There, he developed a series of presentations that demonstrated its business value.  Today he focuses on developing MSP solutions for clients and is involved in a start-up company that delivers the first true peer-to-peer SMB social lending network.

Greg Starks SMB Solutions Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard. Greg has been with HP and Compaq for over 20 years, contributing in the areas of electrical and software engineering, IT management, solution architecture and technical marketing. He is now part of a new team driving SMB Strategy and GTM for the Industry Standard Server division. Greg has presented at 10 SMB Nation events and contributed technical content, including TechTalk videos for Harry’s 2005 – 2007 worldwide workshop tours. He holds MCSE and MCDBA certifications and is a graduate of Purdue University with Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.

Sponsors (Visit the cool booths to learn more)

1. AllenPort

2. StorageCraft

3. Aastra

4. Lenovo

5. Windows Home Server

6. MSP Partners

7. TotalTel

8. Untangle

9. MG Technology Group

10. LabTech Software

11. Trend Micro

12. CRU Data Port

13. eset

14. Kaseya

15. Symantec

16. AVG


18. Level Platforms

19. Symform

20. AutoTask

21. HP

22. Highly Reliable Systems

23. Lightwave Consulting Group

24. D & H Distributors

25. Wesbell Technologies

26. TBA

27. Intronis

28. Interwork

29. Doyenz

30. CompuVault

31. eFolder

32. Reflexion

33. Zenith

34. Virtual Administrator

35. Windows Mobile

36. Microsoft Action Pack (MAPs)

How To Attend

To attend the SMB Nation Spring virtual conference NOW, click HERE [] and complete the following procedure.

  1. Complete the alias field and select your gender as seen in Figure 1. Hit your ENTER key when your cursor is in the Alias text field.
Figure 1

Figure 1

Give yourself a name, gender and hit ENTER.

  1. Complete the identity page seen in Figure 2 with core demographic information and select Submit.
Figure 2

Figure 2

Standard Stuff – tell us about you!

  1. Welcome to SMB Nation Spring- Virtual! You are looking at the ESET, Kaseya and Symantec booth. Basic show floor navigation is easy using ARROW KEYS (now your mouse. For example, to move UP, use the UP ARROW KEY (typically found on the lower right of a QWERTY keyboard).
Figure 3

Figure 3

Over 30 booths await your visit in the Marketplace Expo Hall. Really cool!

BEST PRACTICE: Also join our TweetUp on Twtvite this Wednesday as well:

Click HERE to attend the SMB Nation Spring VTS on June 10th


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