Small Business Server 2003 GPO Trick with IE

Howdy folks – I am Harry Brelsford, the publisher of the Advanced Windows Small Business Server 2003 book. I like to post up virtual book readings whne time allows. BTW – my annual SBS/SMB conference is in October in Las Vegas.

Here is a diddy on an Internet Explorer Group Policy Object trick in Small Business Server 2003.


Internet Explorer GPO Trick 

Here is a tip that will help you win the hearts of your clients. People like to see their names in important places, so put the client’s company name on the title bar of Internet Explorer. How, you ask? With a GPO that will edit the Default Domain Policy:

  1. Assuming that the Group Policy Object Editor (Figure 4-3) is still open, expand the User Configuration section.
  2. 2.      Select the Windows Settings, Internet Explorer Maintenance, and Browser User Interface. 
  3. Double-click on Browser Title object, select Customize Title Bars, and enter the client’s company name.
    1. 4.        Click OK. 
    2. 5.                        





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  You should get a result like that shown in Figure 4-4. When a user opens a page in Internet Explorer, note the top of the window where “provided by SMBNation” has been added to the default title.
  Figure 4-4

Customizing the Internet Explorer title bar using a GPO.





Logoff Command

You should also consider adding the logoff command to the Start menu to benefit your users.

  1. 1.        While you are in the Default Domain Policy in the Group Policy Object Editor, select User Configuration, Administrative Tem­plate, and then click Start Menu and Taskbar.
  2. 2.        On the right side, double-click Add Logoff to the Start Menu and check Enabled.
  3. 3.        Click OK.

Now close the Group Policy Object Editor. Since these changes were made to the default domain policy, everybody will get these changes the next time they log into the network.


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