Configure Real-Time Communications in Small Business Server 2003

Hi! I am Harry Brelsford, the publisher of the Microsoft Small Business Specialist Primer title focused on the 70-282 exam. Here’s a snippet for your reading pleasure.

Configure Real-Time Communications

Small businesses expect to have real-time communication capabilities just as seen in the enterprise. With SBS, you can offer mobile solutions that allow for increased productivity, collaboration, and communication. These solutions are enabled through core services of Windows Server 2003 and taken advantage of by SBS in different forms.

IMPORTANT: Beware of semantics and “plays on words,” as we say in the Western world. Microsoft removed the built-in Instant Mes­saging (IM) communications from Exchange Server 2003 in the SBS 2003 time frame. (IM was available via Exchange 2000 Server in the SBS 2000 time frame.) Microsoft replaced the IM functionality for SBS 2000 owners who purchased its Software Assurance prior to October 1, 2003, by giving these select owners a free copy of its Live Communications Server (http://office. m­municationsserver/default.aspx). Here is my concern. It would be easy from the above section headline (taken from the 70-282 exam objectives) to infer that Microsoft might test you on this very limited offer to restore IM functionality via the Live Communications Server product. And it’s even easier to assume that all this somehow relates to configuring real-time communications in the context of the 70-282 exam. Such is not the case. You are not tested on IM functionality and Live Communications Server on SBS 2003. Whew!


Harry Brelsford, CEO at SMB Nation

MBA, MCSE, CNE, CLSE, CNP, MCP, MCT, SBSC (Microsoft Small Business Specialist)

PS – my Small Business Server 2008 (SBS 2008) book is now here! J

PPS – my fall show, SMB Nation Fall 2009, is in Las Vegas on October 2-4, 2009.


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