Harryb’s Take On Tiered Storage In The Cloud!

Folks – I am hosting up a webinar this coming Thursday:

Tiered Storage in the Cloud

How to apply the latest in Online Backup Strategies
Thursday, May 28, 2009 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM PDT Duration: 90 minutes
Cloud Storage is more complex then you might think – backup / restore and now archive with tiered storage will always be the prime users.

Learn how VARs, MSPs and trusted advisors create revenue opportunities with cloud-based online data protection services including the new tiered storage services. Learn how tiered storage addresses the latest compliance regulations to creat long-term relationships and multi-year annuity revenue streams for your business.

Storage Guardian Inc. will take you through the best practises to manage data through its lifecycle – from opertionally-critical thru to stagnant thru to destruction. With their tiered storage services the transition through the lifecycle stages are easily managed. Review how archive storage differs from backup storage yet is easily implemented as part of Storage Guardian’s data protection services.

Complete the webinar with the strategic review of enterprise-grade cloud storage services versus consumer-grade and why enterprise-grade is your true future.

Sign up here folks: www.smbnation.com/Events/Webinars/tabid/101/Default.aspx


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