Learn to earn by attending a technology conferences

Financial markets swing back and forth during a trading day, reflecting investments made and disposed of often in the short-term. But long-term investments in yourself compound day-by-day, week-by-week and year-by-year. Attending professional events such as technology conferences is one such long-term investment in yourself.

Why would you attend technology conferences when you can simply read a book on technology in the comfort of your own home at little expense? Or you could watch a complimentary webinar? The answer, in my humble opinion is elevation and circulation. As a professional, you typically assume more senior responsiblities as you gain more experience. That includes elevating your “A” game to attend more professional meetings such as Chamber of Commerce lunch-and-learns. SMB channel partners and consultants elevate by attending technology conferences where he/she can directly meet and chat with well-known speakers and other industry leaders. This is elevation.

Let’s talk about circulaiton. Attending technology conferences “in the flesh” (but clothed, not nekkid) allows your to circulate via “Hallway 101” activities. You can have meaningful dialog with like-minded peers from your choosen profession, in this case SMB technology consulting. It is common to ask someone in your same “station in life” how it’s going and how do you do this. At this just concluded SMB Nation Spring show – witness this testimonial from David Blakenship: Your shows are ALWAYS great, your staff is just…superb. I really liked that this one was a touch smaller as the networking at your shows are my biggest payoff – with fewer folks there, I got more quality time with some of the SMB industry’s most successful tech players. Looking forward to your Las Vegas show.

Which leads into my next point. If you are only able to attend one of the man technology conferences in the SMB technology space this year, please consider SMB Nation Fall 2009 in Las Vegas (October 2-4, 2009). This is “the” original technology conference by SMB channel partners for SMB channel partners! In our seventh year, in a strange way, we’re now a well respected event in the world of technology conferences. Think of our growth path akin to Black Hat (a underground conference started by hackers for hackers that is now worldwide and legit!).
Whatever your modus operandi, be a life learner so you can earn more as a SMB technology consultant and channel partners. I suggest attending technology conferences like SMB Nation Fall 2009 as part of your learn to earn strategy!
BTW – if you are new to technology conferences, here are some great resources to get you going and maximize your attendee return-on-investment:

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