Welcome SMB Technology Network (SMBTN) to SMB Nation Spring 2009 conference!

With profound pleasure, we welcome the membership of “THE” SMB Technology Network (SMBTN) to our SMB Nation Spring show (May 1-3, Just outside NYC).

SMBTN recently decied to postpone its SMB Summit to be held in mid-May in Dallas and regroup. Smart move when the signs point to proactively making the most positive decision possible at the time with all available information. Its that type of insight, quite frankly, we could have used more of on Wall Street and in the mortgage business the past 18+ months or so. (Jim Locke for a Obama Cabinet appointment?)

Something you might now know about me is that my very first major in college was Political Science. Heck – I was ski racing and needed a liberal arts major so I could get good grades (big gran – flames ignored). In studying politics, I learned about a theory from some philosopher that said as mankind, we have more in common than pulls us apart. It was one of the first phrases I thought of when SMBTN announced its event postponment.

At SMB Nation, we had a flurry of weekend calls when that announcement was made with the common question repeated: how can we help the SMB community – now more than ever! We’ve all benefited from the “SMB stack” over the years and now we need to help each other. At a minimum, we want to keep SMB hope alive. To be honest, I hear from partner daily who have lost confidence in Microsoft keeping the SMB channel alive and there is a preception of MSFT SMB channel partner disinvestment (Microsoft announces earnings next week so we shall see first hand where its at).

Bottom line? We’re on our own now and its time to team where we can, support each other and the SMB community. This is serious folks – it’s no longer fun and games with blog wars.

So back to SMBTN and SMB Nation Spring. Aaron Booker from Varvid joined me in brainstorming about how to engage SMBTN and its membership at this late date (our show is ten days away). Aaron found extremely competitive airfares from Virgin, Alaska Airlines and the like into Newark (EWR) and a low cost hotel (the host hotel is now sold out). I mulled over options with staff and we decied an alumni for the SMB Summit is an alumni of ours! So SMBTN alumni may attend our SMB Nation Spring show for the rock bottom rate of $199 (like that right at FOOD COSTS for the three days for one big SBSer eater!).

So I hope you’ll take a fresh look at our event from a new vantage point. Everyone is working hard including SMBTN and SMB Nation to make things happen for you, the SMB community member.

See you at SMB Nation Spring!


PS – we’re planning a little “pub party” on Friday night May 1st where Jim Locke is expected to provide SMBTN news, updates and answer your questions!


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