Bainbridge Island hybrids include cars and backup software!

I love Fridays!

Whereas Madonna sang about Sunday’s were her “Fun day” over 15+ years ago in a hit song, I beg to differ. Mondays are the worst because I have the insanity of running a company and TWO workouts: a two-mile walk and yoga. Yes – Fridays are my best day with my one workout and my Friday Afternoon Club with my Google Analytics startup CEO buddy, a VC and some other low-lifes.

This past Friday was different. Two executives from Microsoft Redmond visited. These individuals work deep inside the Microsoft OEM division (read CASH COW) and are responsible for SMB server(s). One individual I have know for over 8-years so there is a great amount of trust there. Their visit, aside from skipping work on a Friday afternoon to visit my places of work and home office on Bainbridge Island, was more serious. These two gents wanted a lengthy, half-day rambling conversation about Small Business Server, other small business servers out there (including one that will be announced next week – keep reading), Essential Business Server, the small and medium business community, Windows Home Server, backup software, etc. I kinda felt, for a few hours, like I was the president of a small business country hosting important visiting heads of state at my own “Camp David.” Have I convinced you why I like Friday’s best yet?

We first me at my office and I was able to show off something I am very proud of – the SMB Nation world headquarters! It is here we try in our own feabile way to be everything to the hard working Small and Medium Business (SMB technology consultant who is just trying to make ends meet, serve great customers and put their kids through college! For example — part of our evanlegical outreach is to advise our SMB Nation tribal members on the importance of capable backup software!

So my guests asked me alot of questions at my main office about our operations including what kind of backup software we use. It was here I was able to tell the Bainbridge Island Hybrid story (and I’m not talking about rich liberals driving overpriced futurama autos – wait a minute – I resemble that remark!). Rather – I was able to say that we use StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect solution for Small Business Server – and we even paid for it (did not receive on a media trade-out). I am very pleased with this backup software. But here is the twist – we have a secondary backup software strategy involving Divinsa. Our data is backed-up each night to an online “undiscolsed location(s)” for off-site protection. It’s a hybrid backup software backup strategy that involves on-premise and off-site. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Regarding WHS and a backup strategy – I really didn’t get into it about using Windows Home Server for backups in a small business but this is a major topic of discussion at our SMB Nation Spring 09 show in early May on the east coast – WHS is a big sponsor and eager to drive the backup conversation forward – good stuff!

And as for the rest of the high-level Microsoft OEM meeting – well – that is classified for national security reasons – or at least the NDA my corproate entity, SMB Nation, has with the Microsoft Corporation.

Over and out….harrybbbbbb

Harry Brelsford

CEO, SMB Nation

PS – My SBS 2008 book is now HERE!

PPS – Where will you be on May 1st? I hope you will be at my 4th Annual SMB Nation Spring event in the NYC-area! Learn more HERE!

PPPS – My friends at Microsoft Redmond did a cool blog on backup software HERE!


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