Technology Makeover Webinar for SMB Consultants

Hiya folks – I am hosting a technology makeover Webinar that explains what we are doing at SMB Nation Spring. Note this technology makeover paradigm is for channel partners and SMB consultants, not the end-user customer such as many technology makeover contests like this one from Microsoft.

SMB Technology Makeover Weekend

Become a Trusted Business Advisor
SMB Nation Spring 2009 is coming!

SMB consultants all know this theorem. In difficult times, the strong get stronger and the weak get weaker. We suggest you join the “flight to quality” movement and emerge stronger as a “Trusted Business Advisor” to your small business customers. Over a long weekend at SMB Nation Spring, you will immerse yourself in both BusinessSpeak and GeekSpeak tracks, designed to elevate your practice and leave you with immediate improvements you can implement near-term. The multi-disciplinary GeekSpeak track is focused on four technology modules: data networking (Small Business Server SBS 2008, Essentail Business Server, EBS, etc.), virtualization, cloud computing and voice.

The BusinessSpeak Track is focused on attaining a new industry title known as the “Trusted Business Advisor” (TBA). Think of this as your mini-MBA program for the “rest of us.” Now in its 4th year, SMB Nation Spring is stronger than ever and more important than ever. In your flight to quality, it is essential you attend professional development events such as SMB Nation Spring, to not only stay current in your professional technology field but stay ahead of the competition. Emerge from the this early May event in the NYC-area with an positive abundance mentality, a sharpened saw and a “go get ’em” attitude that will more than pay for itself. And don’t forget that Hallway 101 – your ability to interact with your peers and compare field notes – is back and consistently rated as one of the main benefits of SMB Nation events. The 4th annual SMB Nation Spring show, featuring over 200 attendees and 30+ leading industry sponsors, is once again renewing its dedication to amazing content with both business and technical thought leaders, including Jeff Middleton, Harry Brelsford, Eriq Neale, Philip Elder, Greg Starks and many more highly-prized and sought after speakers. SMB Nation Spring is May 1-3, 2009 at the Montclair State University conference center, a mere 14-miles outside Manhattan! Visit to take advantage of early bird pricing, and a payment plan ($99 per month to attend – we’ll finance your future!). You can also call 1-888-SMB-NAT1 for more details. See you there!

Here is a sample view of the CONTENT page.

SMB Nation Spring

BEST PRACTICE: Attend our WEBINAR next week (It Makes Sense To Attend SMB Nation Spring!) to learn more about the SPRING SHOW and the reasons you should invest in yourself and attend. This webinar is Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 11:00AM PST (UTC-7) and you can sign-up HERE.

BTW – perhaps you noticed but our curriculum has grown above and beyond our original Small Business Server roots, which we honor. While Small Business Server is a critical part of the conversation, you can now enjoy additional conversations surrounding Essential Business Server, VoIP, cloud computing and virtualization. So we’re calling on all Small Business Server friends, aka SBSers, to suit-up and show up!

So I’ll now end this babble on Small Business Server and look forward to seeing you at the SMB Nation Spring webianr this coming Tuesday!



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