SBS 2003-era thinking on Software Assurance from Laura DiDio

Hiya folks – harrybbb here – publisher of the Advanced SBS 2003 book and here is some old thinking from Laura DiDio on Software Assurance in the early SBS 2003 era…this was her niche for many years – SA that is!

Software Assurance

Two of the true ladies of technology, Laura DiDio and Susan Bradley, have weighed in with their respective opinions on Microsoft’s Software Assurance program. Laura DiDio from Yankee Group conducted a Software Assurance survey and wrote a report, which is summarized at article2/0,1759,1675761,00.asp and shown in Figure 3-9.

☛ CHAPTER So You 3 Want SBS to Be 2003 an SMB Licensing Con

Figure 3-9

DiDio’s study summarized here.


And Susan Bradley offered these insights for this chapter (Susan has written Chapter 11 for this book).


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Why is Software Assurance a good thing… by Susan Bradley

Software assurance “locks” in flexibility. Small businesses need that flexibility.

Let’s look what SA gave me on SBS 2000:

  • I have Communication Server because of the SA I had on SBS 2000.
  • I got the upgrade to SBS 2003 automatically.
  • Now that I am on SBS 2003 Software Assurance, I can ensure that I will receive all updates to the SBS platform for the next three years.
  • I have “cold server rights,” meaning that I can install the OS on a spare system that sits in the corner “just in case.”
  • I get sent the media automatically.
  • I can spread the payments over three years.
  • My CAL codes are handled and kept on a site just in case some­thing happens.

If I add SA to an OEM version of SBS, I then get the right to move the install to a different piece of hardware. VERY key for firms that might need to have a bigger, better server later. Remember that OEM software is tied to the hardware.

Next, I don’t have to worry about budgeting or planning for the next
system. I know that I will get the updates. In my business, we’re just used
to subscription models in software and thus, for me, it made perfect sense.

Is it a bit of a leap of faith? Yes, but it very obviously worked out VERY much in my favor when I signed up for SA on SBS 2000. I’m betting that it will make perfect sense again in three years. %20Documents/SBS%20Std%20Why%20Open%20Value.pdf.

☛ CHAPTER So You 3 Want SBS to Be 2003 an SMB Licensing Con



Harry Brelsford, CEO at SMB Nation

MBA, MCSE, CNE, CLSE, CNP, MCP, MCT, SBSC (Microsoft Small Business Specialist)

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