70-282 exam cram: Activate SBS 2003 server and licensing [Microsoft Small Business Specialist Primer]

Hiya folks – here is an interesting exam cram topic for those of you preparing for the 70-282 exam.

Activate the Server and Add Licenses

As you are cruising through the To Do List, you will encounter the Activate
License Wizard. This wizard enables you to activate the SBS client access

licenses (CALs) online. During the activation process, the product key is combined with a coded number to create the Installation ID. This ID represents the hardware components in your computer. Once activated, you cannot use the key to activate other computers.

Internet Activation

The SBS 2003 server can be activated over the Internet, where a confirmation ID is sent back to your computer, or you can call Microsoft and activate over the phone. There is a 30-day grace period; once it expires, however, you will no longer have access to core functionality of the server until it is activated. SBS 2003 comes with five CALs, which are digitally signed certificates each client stores locally.

CAL Types

Every device or user that connects to the server requires a CAL. CALs can be added as per-user or per-device CALs. The first five CALs are generic and can be either/or. When you select the per-user option, every user will have to have a CAL to access the server.

IMPORTANT: Here is a trick for understanding SBS 2003 CAL types. These CAL types are exactly the same as the underlying Windows Server 2003 licensing! This is the first SBS release where the underly­ing licensing has been exactly the same. It’s true and it’s money in the bank when you take the 70-282 exam and encounter a question on CAL types.

Add License Wizard

You can use the Add License Wizard to add or reactivate CALs either over the Internet or over the phone. CALs can be purchased in five and 20 packs and then be activated over the Internet using the Add License Wizard.

Transfer License Wizard

With the Transfer License Wizard, you can reactivate CALs after you’ve made
significant changes to system hardware or reinstalled the server software on

Chapter 7Configuring Windows Small Business Server 2003

another computer. You will have to telephone Microsoft to get the license reactivated. The Transfer License Wizard cannot be used to transfer ownership of CALs, as resale is not permitted, per license agreement.

License Backup/Restore

You can back up your CALs with the License Backup Wizard and, in case the license files get corrupted or lost, you will be able to easily recover the licenses with the License Restore Wizard.

IMPORTANT: Licensing is an exceedingly popular topic during the worldwide one-day SMB Nation Summit workshops. There are two free resources for you to improve your understanding of SBS 2003 licensing for both the real world and the 70-282 preparation:



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