Well THANK YOU StuS and Laura DiDio for this SBS 2008 book review

This from my friends at wservernews!

     * Small Business Server 2008 Blueprint Book Review

Many thousands of you are running SBS, and this new book is going to save
you a lot of time and headache. I asked Laura DiDio to do a review and here
it is:

If your organization is a small or mid-sized business (SMB) with one-to-200
employees in your organization – and 55% of you reading this newsletter fall
into that category – and you’re running Windows, then the “Small Business
Server 2008 Blueprint” book is written for you.

It’s no secret that IT departments have been hit hard by the ongoing
economic downturn. Many of you are not just running a lean, mean
organization; it’s downright skeletal. There’s little or no money for new
hires or budget to train and re-certify your existing staff. And yet,
many of you have received mandates from upper management telling you to
migrate to new platforms.

The Small Business Server 2008 Blueprint, co-authored by Philip Elder
and Harry Brelsford, offers real-world practical, tactical tips for
upgrading and managing Windows SBS 2008, its applications including
Windows Server 2008, Exchange Server 2007, SQL Server 2008, Windows
SharePoint Services, Office Live as well as a wide variety of third
party security solutions. It also delivers pro-active advice on how
to centrally control and manage Windows Vista and Windows XP desktops.

The book is designed for introductory and intermediate network admins.
It provides simple, easy-to-follow structured deployment methodologies
and step-by-step procedures. Both Elder and Brelsford are experienced,
veteran SMB consultants. And they pull no punches in this book. The
Small Business Server 2008 Blueprint is just that: it’s written with
a strong third party viewpoint and offers a detailed overview of the
strengths, weaknesses and foibles of all of the various SBS 2008
applications, how to avoid specific configuration and upgrade mistakes
and maximize your network uptime, reliability and security.

The authors provide a broad perspective on the SBS 2008 ecosystem
conversation, which in turn assists you, the network administrator
in making the technical decisions which best suit your network
environment, particularly with respect to third party security, managed
services and monitoring solutions. If your budget has been cut and
there’s no money to re-certify your staff, this book is the next
best thing. The Small Business Server 2008 Blueprint retails for
$59.95. Anyone interested in purchasing a copy – visit the SMB Nation
website, and browse around a bit, lots of resources there:


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